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S4P GREEN ENERGY Street lighting with LED, without CO2 and energy bill

What is most important for the choice of public street lighting columns S4P.

1. Total stop of CO2 emissions for a better environment.        

2. Total Cost reduction in power consumption, no energy bill any more.

3. Cost reduction in maintenance costs of public street network.

4. Safety on the streets adequate lighting does not dim or off.

5. Certainty that if the public network is flat, the streets remain illuminated.

6. Low voltage system without cables to break in winter or autumn storm.

7. High quality product from Europe.

8. Not only very competitive pricing but, the highest cost / income ratio and value that can be imagined.

The savings potential for such S4P system is significant. The opportunity to ask the light level based on wattage and number S4P poles to choose, the traffic, weather and other factors energy to slash cities save money and help them meet their Kyoto commitments for CO2 emission reductions . Analysts have estimated Echelon, for example, that the New York City metropolitan area, more than 275,000 tonnes of CO2 per year savings, or the equivalent of 50,677 cars removed from the road, by switching to an energy efficient streetlight system .

Please download and opened the EXCEL sheet on our website and make your own calculation of energy costs and CO2 emissions since the additional costs for CO2, and slightly scroll down to see the savings on your energy consumption and CO2 emissions to calculate yourself by using S4P streetlight.

download here de Excelsheet (Save Link As)

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